Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

Frequently asked questions

Can the microphone on this or any other gaming headsets be upgraded?

It’s unlikely. While most detachable gaming headset microphones connect to their corresponding headset via 3.5mm, they often have molded plastic surrounding them, ensuring that only ones designed for a specific headset will fit.

Will PlayStation 5 3D audio work with the HyperX Cloud Alpha?

Yes, according to Sony and HyperX any headset that plugs into the 3.5mm jack of the PlayStation DualSense controller will be able to take advantage of the console’s Tempest 3D audio features.

Does the HyperX Cloud Alpha sound better with an USB sound card?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha might sound a little better with something like HyperX’s USB sound card, but that really depends on the device you use it with. Likely you won’t see much difference on PC, unless your 3.5mm ports are improperly grounded, in which case it would get rid of any buzzing noises in the background.

Is the HyperX Cloud Alpha good telephoning and video chat services like Zoom?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha will do in a pinch, but it doesn’t have a very accurate or loud microphone. However, there are plenty of gaming headsets with good microphones you might like instead.

Сколько стоит

Игровая гарнитура HyperX Cloud Orbit S уже в продаже и стоит 25 990 рублей

Если в гарнитуре нравится всё, но хочется такую же подешевле, тогда обратите внимание на модель HyperX Cloud Orbit. Модель без буквы «S» отличается отсутствуем функции контроля за положением головы и стоит 21 990 рублей

Для сравнения, за Audeze Mobius нужно заплатить 35 000 рублей, разница более чем приличная.

Наушники созданы в первую очередь для геймеров, поэтому отсутствие Bluetooth можно простить. Всё-таки в мире игр важнее атмосфера полного погружения, все бьются за реалистичность ощущений, а звуковую картину наушники Hyper X Cloud Orbit S выстраивают отлично.

What’s it like to use the HyperX Cloud Alpha S?

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

The headset looks utilitarian, but the features are much more than that.

From the get go, it’s pretty obvious where the HyperX Cloud Alpha S comes from: it’s unmistakably a Cloud Alpha. Everything from the shape to the materials is either almost identical, or clearly drawing inspiration from the headset we all know and love.

This gaming headset is made of the same stuff as its predecessor, with a metal headband and hinges, and thick plastic headphones. The ear pads are made of the same soft foam and leatherette we loved before. Velour ear pads would’ve been a better choice for gamers with glasses, but you should still be able to get a pretty solid seal with the additional fabric ones included—at least they’re softer than leatherette. Overall this is a just as sturdy and comfortable a headset as the original Cloud Alpha. However, there are new things too.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

When surround sound is on, the 7.1 button lights up. The mic mute button also glows red when muted.

This is much more of a PC-focused headset than the original Cloud Alpha. While the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is also a 3.5mm gaming headset, it includes a USB adapter with an audio control unit. There are buttons here for turning on the included 7.1 virtual surround sound and managing game and chat audio.

On top of that, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S also features vents along the bottom of both headphones meant to allow bass adjustment, similar to those found on the Beyerdynamic Custom Game. You can open each either all or halfway, and change each headphone independently.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

The position of the vents feels like it has a bigger impact on isolation than bass output.

Using the headset is pretty straightforward, despite the added bells and whistles. Whether you’re using the HyperX Cloud Alpha S with its USB adapter or just as a 3.5mm headset, it’s pretty strictly a plug and play affair. If you’re interested in using the 7.1 virtual surround sound, you’ll need to install HyperX’s Ngenuity app, but once you turn it on, you won’t need to use the app again.

Like the original Cloud Alpha, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S features a detachable 3.5mm microphone, and it performs basically the same. It’s easy to position and use, it works fine over Discord and other voice chat services. Not much comes in the box with the HyperX cloud Alpha S. The headset comes with a detachable microphone, a USB adapter, and extra fabric ear pads, along with an assortment of flyers and manuals.

How does the HyperX Cloud Alpha sound?

I’ve enjoyed my time with the HyperX Cloud Alpha, and I can understand why this headset is so beloved by the online community. It sounds great, and provides really good isolation from the world around you. Sure, it’s not the highest of the high-end gaming headsets, but it offers a known quantity and it’s pretty good.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

The in-line remote allows you to adjust volume on the fly, mute your microphone.

First things first, this gaming headset is incredible for blocking outside sound. That’s an enormous advantage not only because it means common household noise won’t make its way into your game (and therefore adversely affecting sound quality), but also because it means you won’t have to worry about cooking your ears prematurely. The cherry on top of a headset that isolates well is that you won’t wake anyone else up with noise leaking out of the ear cups. On more than one occasion, I used the Cloud Alpha sans microphone with my Switch with my wife sleeping soundly next to me.

It won’t mute a train going by, but this is one of the best-isolating headsets we’ve tested by a country mile. To do better, you’d need active noise cancellation.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

Even though it’s not a lot, the HyperX Cloud Alpha’s isolation between 200 and 1000Hz is uncommonly good for a gaming headset.

Now that we’ve established that you’re not likely to have outside interference in your tunes, let’s talk about sound quality. Because the isolation is so good, you won’t have to worry about destructive interference or auditory masking preventing you from hearing small details in music. However, the actual performance of the speaker elements in the HyperX Cloud Alpha also allow your music and games to really shine.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

A frequency response this close to 0dB deviation is highly prized in the mixing and audiophile worlds—for good reason.

With the exception of a dip at 4kHz, the frequency response of the product doesn’t alter the signal sent by your console or computer that much, meaning the sound will be very similar to how it was originally mixed. The advantage of this kind of response is that little details won’t get lost as often, and music will sound much “clearer” than you might be used to. It’s why studio headphones will typically aim for this type of sound.

Bass, mids

Low notes aren’t going to rattle your skull, and there won’t be a lot of boomy echoes to deal with. That may not be what you’re looking for, but this type of sound means you won’t lose quiet sounds in the low end, like heavy footsteps behind you. When you switch to music, you’ll be able to hear vocals and synths in a good balance of loudness, and you’ll be able to hear the qualities inherent to the instruments, like the distortion added to the low synth in Childish Gambino’s Sober.


The most interesting feature of the chart above is that dip at 4kHz. While it may seem out of place, it’s not an uncommon way to sidestep some issues that many consumers have with headphones. Namely, it takes the edge off of loud sibilant sounds like f, s, sh sounds, cymbals, and ringing. Additionally, some listeners experience some resonances and echoes in this range depending on their ear canals, so some manufacturers will also downplay this narrow band to avoid it.

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While this is a smart way to go, you may notice some atmosphere effects in your games to sound a little off, but it’s really such a minor thing that you won’t notice it until someone points it out. You might notice it in a track like Pink Floyd’s Us and Them when the echoes of the guitar don’t last as long as they might otherwise. Like I said, super minor detail.

Upgrade to the HyperX Cloud Orbit S

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

The Cloud Orbit S works on just about everything, to varying degrees.

If you’re looking for a step up, you’re probably going to want to stick with HyperX if you like the Cloud Alpha. Very similar to the Audeze Mobius, the HyperX Cloud Orbit S has planar magnetic drivers, and built-in 3D sound support as well—but it’ll cost you.

Additionally, gaming headsets in the sub-$100 range are typically made of materials that are either easily broken or will decay quickly with heavy use. You can easily spend over $500 over a few years if your headsets keep breaking or getting worn down. The HyperX Cloud Alpha can be maintained with replacement parts, and is built like a tank to boot. That $100 may seem expensive up front, but it’ll probably be the smarter investment in the long run.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Гарнитура поставляется в большой красивой упаковке с агрессивным дизайном. Удачное сочетание чёрного и красного цветов присутствует не только на упаковке, но и на самой гарнитуре. Комплектация включает в себя: саму гарнитуру, съёмный микрофон, съёмный 4pin 3,5 мм кабель (для подключения к мобильным устройствам), кабель разветвитель с 4pinна 2x3pin3,5 мм (для подключения к ПК), а также мешочек для транспортировки.

На самом деле, внешне Cloud Alpha почти полностью повторяет Cloud Silver, но с существенными отличиями в деталях. Так, на корпусе часть элементом выполнена из красного цвета (особенно красиво смотрится красная строчка на оголовье), а металлическая дужка не монолитная, а с отверстиями. Казалось бы, различий не так много, но насколько агрессивней смотрится Alpha в сравнении с Silver. Вот что значит «дьявол кроется в деталях».

А вот с точки зрения эргономики отличий между этими моделями нет. Огромные размеров амбушюры полностью охватывают уши, но сила прижима некоторым может показаться чуть выше комфортной и могут быть жалобы при очень длительном ношении. У меня же лично никаких претензий нет, единственное, всё же можно было бы сделать амбушюры чуть потолще – наполнитель мягкий и приятный, но его могло бы быть больше.

А вот тактильные ощущения – просто потрясающие. Кожзам, из которого выполнены амбюшуры – очень высокого качества. Кожзам оголовья чуть попроще, но за счёт комфортного для головы уплотнителя также вызывает исключительно положительные эмоции

Настройка оголовья многоступенчатая, надёжная, и не сбивается от неосторожного движения

В HyperX Cloud Alpha используются фирменные 50 мм двухкамерные динамики. По заверениям производителя, использование двух камер (одна – дня низких частот, вторая – для средних и высоких) улучшает качество звучания во всём диапазоне частот и снижает искажения. Также производитель рекомендует подойти к данным наушникам как к профессиональным и предварительно их «прогреть», так как именно после «прогрева» наушники раскрывают весь потенциал. Что любопытно – сопротивлениеу этих динамиков даже больше, чем у 53 мм динамиков CloudSilver– 65 Ом против 60 Ом, но чувствительность такая же высокая – 98 дБ/мВт.

И пара слов о комплектных кабелях. Тот, что втыкается в сами наушники, имеет простенький пульт с регулировкой громкости и выключателем микрофона. Его длина составляет 1,3 метра, а длина переходника-удлинителя составляет 2 метра. Оба кабеля – достаточно толстые и прочные, облачены в тканевую оплётку.

Теперь о личных впечатлениях. Если честно, уже выветрились из головы детали звучания модели Cloud Sliver, но чётко помнится, что звук этой модели я однозначно характеризовал как ровный и сбалансированный. В случае же с Cloud Alpha эмоции те же самые, но чувствуется что некоторые отличия (из-за разных динамиков) всё же есть, но они тяжело уловимы и ещё тяжелее их объяснить. В целом же, звучание спокойное, ни один из диапазонов не выбивается вперёд и не доминирует над остальными. Басов, быть может, кому-то покажется мало (хотя на самом деле они естественные и их столько, сколько и должно быть), но для игровой гарнитуры это нормальное явление. Звучание объёмное, отлично чувствуется сцена, а в играх объёмность звучания крайне важна. В целом же, HyperX Cloud Alpha можно отнести к немногочисленной категории универсальных наушников, которые подойдут и для игр и для прослушивания музыки. Что же касается микрофона, то качество записи достаточно высокое, с минимумом шумов, звук голоса – низкий, приятный, и особенно радует что у него гибкая ножка и съёмная конструкция – можно точно выставить его положение относительно рта, а в случае отсутствия в нём необходимости – вовсе снять его.

Alternatives to the HyperX Cloud Alpha S

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

The Logitech G Pro X Wireless has excellent microphone quality.

However, even if you’re gaming on PC, there are still alternatives to consider. Fans of wireless gaming headsets will probably find a little more to enjoy in the HyperX Cloud Flight S or the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless—the Arctis 1 Wireless in particular sounds basically as accurate as the Cloud Alpha S and works the same across platforms (albeit without surround sound). If a decent mic is what you’re after, the Fnatic React headset is great (if barebones) option at a reasonable price. The Logitech G Pro X also offers great mic features through software, but it’s more expensive. If you’re still set on something with a more classic HyperX aesthetic, the HyperX Cloud II Wireless will scratch that itch wirelessly (it even comes in the classic red and black), which is great for living room gaming setups.

All told, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a little perplexing. Where the Cloud Alpha was stripped back, this headset is fully featured. However, the implementation of those features, through the use of vents in the headset and a USB adapter, affect isolation and audio output in sometimes not-so-great ways. This is still a good gaming headset—great, in fact—but it’s not the slam dunk its predecessor was.

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Is the microphone good for gaming?

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

The microphone is a little wonky, but otherwise it’s intelligently-tailored to the demands of voice chat. If you have a very deep voice, you may find that it makes you sound a bit different over voice clients like Discord. However, the vast majority of people won’t have the same problems that I had with it. You’ll notice that it slightly emphasizes notes that help people understand what you’re saying, but slightly de-emphasizes the range of fundamental notes. That’s to combat that overly-boomy sound that microphones can sometimes have when you get too close to them.

HyperX Cloud Alpha microphone demo:

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You can listen to the sample above to see what it’s like in the real world, but you’ll immediately notice it’s not quite the HyperX Quadcast or anything. If vocals are extremely important to you, I suggest using a USB mic or gaming mic in tandem with your headset instead of just this one. If you’re only using Discord: this is more than good enough.

How good is the microphone?

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

If there was one thing the HyperX Cloud Alpha S could have easily improved over the Cloud Alpha it was the microphone—too bad it didn’t.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha’s biggest disappointment was its microphone, which was quiet and underemphasized bass response to detriment of anyone with a deep voice. These are extremely typical problems of any gaming headset microphones, but with an otherwise exemplary device it’s a noticeable disappointment. The microphone on the Cloud Alpha S offers clear audio, and works fine for programs like Discord or Zoom—but the de-emphasis in the bass range (meant to combat the proximity effect) can make you sound a bit like you’re talking through a tin can. It’s also pretty quiet, so you’ll likely need to boost your output. Listen for yourself:

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How does the HyperX Cloud Alpha S sound?

There are a lot of variables to consider when figuring out how the HyperX Cloud Alpha S sounds. The configuration of the bass vents pretty dramatically alters the response in the low end. When the vents are all the way closed, bass output drops by up to more than 20dB at some points—one quarter the loudness of what you ought to hear. On top of that, while most of the time enabling surround sound doesn’t meaningfully change the frequency response, here it increases mid and high range output almost across the board. Even if you don’t have the Ngenuity app installed, just pressing the button the USB adapter changes things very noticeably.

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The HyperX Cloud Alpha is at its most accurate with the vents open and the surround sound button pressed. There are some minor dips here and there, but the headset offers pretty accurate output in the bass, mid, and high range.

If you’re playing on PC, basically you always have the surround sound button pressed, whether you’re hooked up to Ngenuity or not. The bass vents are little more up to you—maybe you want to the bass to be a little quieter in game, and therefore keep them closed, it makes more of a noticeable difference in isolation than sound.

If you’re playing on console, pressing the surround button isn’t an option. That means you’ll have to settle for slightly over-emphasized bass, mild de-emphasis in the mids, and pretty severe de-emphasis in the high range.

Pretty much everything will sound as it should while listening to music with the USB adapter. If you’re using the 3.5mm connection (or you haven’t pressed the surround sound buttons) the under emphasized mids and highs mean that the sounds of vocals, strings, and some cymbals will come through with noticeably less clarity.

In Ibitlan by Mdou Moctar the dreamy, heavily affected lead guitar part normally drives the song, but here it fades into the bass line. You’ll still be able to hear everything if you’re paying attention, but what normally sounds very distinct just doesn’t with the HyperX Cloud Alpha S. When listening, I toggled the surround sound back and forth, and the results were pretty egregious.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

Keeping ports closed is bad for bass, but it’s best for isolation.

Similar to its frequency response, the isolation of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a little tricky to assess. If you’re just going for the most isolation you can get, but keeping the bass vents closed is your best best bet, and in doing so you’ll achieve pretty average attenuation for a gaming headset—nothing approaching active noise cancelling, but enough to block out some of the usual sounds of the home. However, as I mentioned above, closing the vents harms bass output, so it’s really a tradeoff. Do you want more accurate audio or do you want to block out your surroundings. Admittedly, changing back and forth is pretty convenient, so if your environment changes, having the ability to adjust is actually pretty nice.

Шикарный звук

Ранее я говорил, что в наушниках скрывается встроенный аккумулятор, требующий подзарядки. Казалось бы, зачем такие сложности, если тут нет Bluetooth? Но всё дело в начинке: подключаетесь вы по аналоговому или цифровому кабелю — в любом случае звук обрабатывает процессор наушников. Поэтому, если наушники работают через mini-jack, им требуется дополнительное питание, его обеспечивает встроенный аккумулятор. Если же вы подключаетесь к телефону или компьютеру через USB-порт, тогда наушники заряжаются напрямую. К слову, зарядки хватает часов на 10 работы, что немного для такой крупной гарнитуры.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

Наушники HyperX Cloud Orbit S со встроенным акселерометром следят за вами и настраивают звук в зависимости от положения головы. Идея интересная: как будто бы погружаешься в виртуальный мир, где звук естественный и натуральный, а на голове нет наушников. Если нужен максимальный эффект присутствия, тогда попробуйте такую гарнитуру — в шутерах не будет равных. Легко определить, откуда идёт звук, слышны скрипы, шорохи — 3D-режим используешь на всю катушку, радуясь тому, насколько естественной получается обстановка в игре.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

А если появляется настроение послушать музыку, тогда советую режим Hi-Res Audio, когда нет никаких дополнительных эффектов, а музыка звучит именно так, как должна. Очень точная сцена, выразительный бас, шикарная серединка и звонкие верхние частоты без искажений. Качество звука мы хвалили в обзоре наушников Audizy, эта модель точно такая же.

Мне понравилась и шумоизоляция: активного подавления окружающих звуков в гарнитуре нет, но за счёт очень плотной посадки наушники хорошо отсекают посторонние звуки.

Gaming with the HyperX Cloud Alpha S

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is best suited to PC gaming, but it works basically everywhere.

The gaming experience of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is pretty solid, all told. Playing games like Overwatch and Dauntless on PC, the surround sound feature worked well. The headset was never uncomfortable, even after multi-hour sessions. I played through almost the entirety of Final Fantasy VII: Remake on Playstation 4 using this, and it handled the sweeping orchestral score and chaotic sounds of battle exceedingly well. However, the experience on console was marred by the lack of comparable features with the PC.

Not having surround sound on console is a bit of a letdown, but the headset’s stereo performance is good enough that it’s not such a big deal—it’s not the most glaring issue with using the headset on a console, at least. The original HyperX Cloud Alpha sported an in-line control unit for muting the microphone and adjusting the volume, and so does the Cloud Alpha S. But now that those controls are part of the USB adapter, there are no in-line controls available while you’re gaming on console.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

If you’re moving over to play Animal Crossing on Switch, it’s not so important—the volume controls on the handheld console are easy to get to and the mic won’t work on most games anyway.

If you’re gaming on an Xbox One or Playstation 4, you have to adjust the volume in the consoles respective devices menus, which is frankly very inconvenient. When I was playing Final Fantasy, any time I wanted to decrease headphone volume, I had to back out of the game to do it—not exactly a convenient solution.

While most of the experience of using a headset is just as great as the original Cloud Alpha, this one change makes the HyperX Cloud Alpha S far less convenient an option for console gaming. It’s the same on newer consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, the bright side of using the Cloud Alpha S with them is you won’t have to worry about lacking surround sound—both new generation consoles offer their own surround sound standards, compatible with almost anything plugged into the controller 3.5mm jack.

Should you buy the HyperX Cloud Alpha S

If you’re a PC gamer, this is a pretty good way to go if you want a gaming headset. But, you may decide that the extra bells and whistles aren’t worth an extra cash to you.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S doesn’t improve on the right things to really feel like a step up from the original Cloud Alpha.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a very solid gaming headset. It’s very comfortable, sounds very good, offers good isolation, and works across a lot of platforms—but it doesn’t always do those things to the same degree. If you’re playing on PC, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better sounding, better feeling gaming headset. If you’re playing on console, that’s not as much the case (but it’ll still get the job done).

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

All prices listed in USD unless otherwise specified. Prices may change over time, and vary by region. Unfortunately, we cannot list Amazon prices on the site, as they vary greatly by currency.

  • $ at Amazon
  • $129 at Best Buy
  • $88 at Target

Everything I just mentioned is all well and good, but we feel that more people will want its predecessor. The HyperX Cloud Alpha was and is, one of the best gaming headsets on the market because it absolutely nails basics like audio output everywhere—for a low price. The HyperX Cloud Alpha S offers more features, but doesn’t offer the same execution. If you’re playing on a console, frankly you’re better off with its predecessor.

If you decide to buy the HyperX Cloud Alpha S, be sure to do a little research on the best headphone vendor for your needs. Some buyers prefer excellent customer service over extended return policies, while others just want an all-inclusive warranty. Ever retailer has its pros and cons, so be sure you know what you’re getting into before you open your wallet.

Should you buy the HyperX Cloud Alpha?

Yes, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is certainly worth your cash, even in 2021.

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Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)
Pictured: an incredible gaming headset.

Even if I were to offer alternatives, there’s a good reason that this is a headset that’s gotten so much attention and use from the gaming community, and that reason is quality. This is the headset you get when you’ve outgrown the best Razer options and need something built for the long haul. It doesn’t surprise us that this headset made it onto our best PC gaming headsets list with ease. Though, if you need a better mic, you want to look elsewhere.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is probably one of the most platonically ideal gaming headsets of late, as it offers a good mix of high durability, good sound quality, and extreme value. It might sound strange to you that I’m calling a $100 gaming headset an extreme value, but look at it this way: if you’re up all night raiding, if you spend a lot of time with headphones on your skull—you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars chasing quality. The HyperX Cloud Alpha offers exactly that, far above its price point, so it’ll be a trusty companion for a long time. Given that pretty much every gaming platform now includes its own audio features like virtual surround sound, the Cloud Alpha arguably competes with higher-end headsets even more favorably today than when it first came out.


Наушники пусть и без поддержки Bluetooth, но всё-таки требуют подзарядки. Гарнитура заряжается через USB, после чего её можно включить отдельной кнопкой. Эта же клавиша питания ставит песню или фильм на паузу или заново запускает воспроизведение.

Отдельным колёсиком регулируется громкость звука, а второе колёсико, расположенное по соседству, меняет чувствительность микрофона. Если нужно на время отключить микрофон, тогда используйте специальную клавишу для этого дела.

Для переключения треков во время прослушивания музыки нужно надавить на клавишу регулировки громкости, после чего повернуть вверх или вниз.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

Оказалось, что наушники поддерживают несколько готовых звуковых профилей. Для переключения между ними нужно нажать на кнопку регулировки громкости микрофона, а затем повернуть колёсико вверх или вниз, меняя настройки.

Если нужно переключиться с двухканального режима на стереозвук, объёмный 7.1 или Hi-Res Audio, тогда нужно удерживать кнопку регулировки громкости микрофона около трёх секунд. Зачем переключаться? Например, если захочется поиграть на PlayStation 4, которая поддерживает двухканальный режим при подключении по USB. В противном случае приставка может не определить наушники.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

Кнопка 3D отвечает за выбор 3D-режима: работает или ручной, или автоматический, а при желании функцию можно вообще выключить.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Почему мои наушники HyperX тихо звучат?

Ваша техника «не продавливает» сопротивление наушников. У топовых моделей HyperX оно может достигать 40-65 Ом, а ноутбуки, телефоны и другие устройства, не имеющие специальных усилителей, обычно рассчитаны на сопротивление 30 Ом. Проблему решит подключение через внешнюю звуковую карту.

Стоит ли дожидаться версию Cloud Revolver +7.1 или можно взять Revolver S?

Наше мнение — стоит подождать ноября, когда в продажу поступит обновленная версия. Она гораздо лучше в плане звучания и уже имеет полноценный Surround-эффект. Хотя цена новинки, конечно, будет выше.

Есть модели для Xbox?

Да — у производителя есть целая серия CloudX, лицензированная Xbox. В нее вошли версии наушников Stinger и Stinger Core, Flight, а также односторонняя гарнитура HyperX Chat Headset.

Тематические материалы:
4 лучших наушников Samsung
, 5 лучших наушников Beyerdynamic
, 5 лучших полноразмерных мониторных наушников
, 6 лучших наушников SteelSeries
Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020), 7 лучших наушников Panasonic
Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020), 7 лучших наушников Razer
, 7 лучших наушников Sony
, 9 лучших наушников JVC
, 9 лучших наушников Sennheiser

Чем игровые наушники отличаются от обычных полноразмерных моделей? Во-первых, чаще всего они имеют агрессивный внешний вид, что очень нравится геймерам. Во-вторых, они заточены не под музыку, а под позиционирование в играх. В-третьих, они располагают выносным микрофоном, благодаря которому товарищи по команде слышат вас четко и ясно. А ещё подобные гарнитуры выдают отличные низкие частоты — это особенно заметно при прослушивании выстрелов и взрывов. Словом, давайте ознакомимся с лучшими наушниками HyperX, которых касается всё вышеперечисленное.

What is the HyperX Cloud Alpha like to use?

In short, the HyperX Cloud Alpha was designed from the very beginning with durability and comfort in mind. The band and forks are solid metal, and each movable part of the headset is protected by robust joints, or thick padding. The earcups themselves are made of a thick plastic encircling a metal backing, and they use a super thick ear pad to seal to your head.

From the moment you take it out of the box, to the moment you hurl it across the room after your squadmates screw up for the thousandth time, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is probably one of the most durable headsets on the market. If you somehow damage the cables or microphone, both can be removed from the headset and replaced for a pittance instead of having to replace the whole unit. While I sound like a broken record saying it, being able to fix your headset is the most important durability feature to have.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

A super-thick band padding helps distribute the weight of the HyperX Cloud Alpha quite well.

When you start using the HyperX Cloud Alpha, you’ll notice that it creates a very good seal against your head after adjusting the band, which is important for two reasons:

  1. A good seal means your headset won’t jostle around if you move, or slide down your head as the sweat builds
  2. If you want to block out noise from around you, a good seal is imperative for isolation

It’s a given that you want solid isolation if you’re a gamer or work at home while the world around you is pretty loud, but ear pads this deep and soft are an unfortunate rarity. I wish more headphones followed this example, because it would do wonders for ears of all sizes.

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

Super deep leatherette ear pads allow for extreme comfort, great isolation.

About one third of the way down the included cable is a remote that houses a microphone mute switch, and a volume wheel. It’s definitely convenient to be able to adjust your master volume without changing your computer’s settings when you move back and forth between programs. If you’re a parent or teen, being able to mute the mic when your family members walk in the room is also a good way to avoid the embarrassment of your Discord server hearing your home life.

HyperX Cloud Alpha vs HyperX Cloud Flight S

Обзор HyperX Cloud Alpha S — игровые наушники (2020)

The Cloud Flight S supports surround sound on PC and Playstation 4.

The biggest difference between the HyperX Cloud Flight S and Cloud Alpha is how they connect to your device. The Cloud Flight S model is more flexible as it supports wired and wireless connections; you’re provided with a 2.4 GHz RF USB adapter that’s compatible with Playstation 4 and PC.

Read on: HyperX Cloud Flight S review

The HyperX Cloud Alpha features more premium construction quality compared to the rather pedestrian Cloud Flight S. Neither seem prone to breakage, but if you appreciate comfort and design, you’ll likely gravitate toward the Alpha edition.

HyperX Cloud Flight S microphone demo:

Sound quality may also keep you in the Cloud Alpha’s orbit: its accurate audio reproduction is hard for any headset to beat, including the Cloud Flight S. The latter has a more traditional gaming headset sound signature with its amplified bass response. Even still, the Cloud Flight S doesn’t blow things completely out of proportion as bass notes are rendered almost twice as loud as all other frequencies.

If you require surround sound, the HyperX Cloud Flight S is your only option between the two, but if you don’t care for surround sound, save your money with the Cloud Alpha.


HyperX Cloud Alpha – это отличный пример действительно высококачественной топовой игровой гарнитуры. Отличная эргономика, материалы высокого качества, безукоризненная сборка. Прибавим к этому ровный «универсальный» звук и очень неплохой микрофон.Единственным минусом можно признать лишь немаленькую цену в 8-9 тысяч рублей, но за всё хорошее приходится хорошо платить. Можно ли сэкономить и взять HyperX Cloud Silver? Да, можно, проигрыш будет лишь в дизайне и самую малость – в качестве звука. Так что если не нужен столь агрессивный внешний вид гарнитуры, можно посмотреть на CloudSilverили другие модели данной линейки.

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